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When you view an Under Watercolours web site there is a good chance that you are also enjoying the beautiful photography of Bonnie Pelnar of Under Watercolours and her associates.

In our experience we have found that finding great photos for use in an internet web site is one of the most difficult tasks in the preparation of the site. Most often the photos clients have on file are old and outdated, or they don't know who the photographer is or whether they can get the permission to use them. Other slides are poor quality dupes or are damaged from too much handling.

Since the design of a web site requires many more photos than what most companies have on hand and have permission to use, we will come equipped with the proper gear to shoot both above the water and below. We travel with digital cameras, laptop and traditional film cameras so we can be sure to get the shots necessary to build a beautiful site.

With the advances in digital camera technology and a very powerful laptop, we can shoot the scenes we're looking for and evaluate the results on the spot, allowing us to make modifications to lighting, furniture arrangement, etc. before we leave. Of course we haven't abandoned the traditional film cameras and we also use a variety of specialty lenses and film techniques with those camera also.

If its product photography you need, we do that too including 360 object VR which allows your viewers to see any item from all sides!

For those shots under water we shoot with a Sea and Sea housed D200 digital SLR. 360 photography and interactive tours are done with a special rig using a Nikon digital camera.

We also offer photo retouching services and photo composites, so if you have a photo that is not quite perfect, we can probably make the adjustments necessary to make it a usable photograph.

For a selection of images that are currently available for purchase, visit our stock photography web site at

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