Virtual Tour of Your Resort or Live-Aboard

Panoramic Photography, QuickTime VR Interactive ToursInteractive tours give your web site visitors a 3D view of your resort or boat at the click of a mouse! Using video, IPIX, QuickTime VR (Virtual Reality), video clips and photos, Under Watercolours can produce a fully interactive walk-through of your property or vessel. 

From their browser window, your website visitors can virtually click from room to room, spin around and turn back the other way. VR nodes can be incorporated into an interactive floorplan or can be featured as individual movies in the appropriate section of your web site. The plug-ins necessary to view QuickTime VR and QuickTime movies have become the industry standard so using the tour is easy, even for the novice. In the event they do not already have QuickTime, a link to Apple's web site is provided with every movie.

We will visit your resort with the equipment necessary to shoot and stitch QuickTime VR movies on the spot. Carrying the latest in digital cameras, computers and VR hardware and software, we’ll shoot the VR scenes, download them to a laptop computer and stitch the nodes together...on the spot. Previously film had to be processed, slides needed to be scanned, and stitching needed to be done on a powerful desktop system, a process that often resulted in the too late realization that the photo sequence was less than perfect, making the whole scene not usable. This advancement in technology allows us to create the movies in a fraction of the time, so we charge a fraction of the price of other VR producers.

Whether you are marketing a resort, hotel, live-aboard or dive operation, people come to your web site to collect information. The more information you can provide, the more comfortable potential guests will be in making the decision to book with you, and the more satisfied the visitors will be once they arrive. Interactive tours lets visitors see your property from all angles.

Our VR Tours start at $1500. Please contact us for more information.

Examples of interactive tours:
Viewing the QuickTimeVR movie requires QuickTime available from the Apple web site.

You will also find Quicktime VR produced by Under Watercolours on the following websites:

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