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Photo Retouching



How many times have you looked through your photos and said "this would be perfect if only..."  Especially for publication, your photos shouldn't be any less than perfect. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where a photo is not exactly what is needed. Digital retouching allows you to fix a photograph to make it perfect. What once took hours and sometimes days to retouch with an airbrush can now be done in minutes on a computer.

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It hasn't always been this easy

We have been retouching photos for over 20 years. We didn't have high-end digital workstations back then so we had to rely upon our compressor, airbrush and a very, very steady hand. Fortunately many of the techniques carried over into the digital world. The photo/illustration to the right was done about 18 years ago with a Paasche AB airbrush.

Using a layers of friskets and an Xacto knife the pieces to be painted were cut and painted one piece of chrome at a time. Often condensation would build up in the compressor line and spit all over the nearly finished piece making is necessary to either fix it, or start over. An illustration like this could take over 60 hours to finish.