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Upon entering a web site designed by Under Watercolours you'll immediately notice a difference. A difference in the look and feel of the site...a difference in the presentation of the message. This is because every web site we create is designed by an artist, not a programmer. A lifetime of graphic design training and experience goes into every project we create.

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    Quality Graphic Design
    Good design sense, logical navigation, and quality graphics all work together to present your image in the best way possible. We will design a custom graphic theme for your site using elements that people will associate with your product or service.

    Fantastic Photography 
    Our on site photography is top-notch because we know what works, what we want for your site, and how to shoot it. In fact, we are so sure you will love the photos we take for your web site that we offer a money back guarantee on our photography. We don't stop with just the traditional photography. We have many years of experience in all the new digital technology and equipment. We'll take your photography into a third dimension with immersive imaging and virtual tours.

    A properly designed web site is much more than just pretty pictures and text. Properly generated HTML code, intelligent use of meta tags, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility are all critical to the success of your site. Every site we create undergoes rigorous testing on a variety of different computer platforms and operating systems with a range of browser types and versions. The one year warranty period we offer with every design package gives us plenty of time to make adjustments for changing technology so we can keep your site fresh and up to date.

    Online statistics which are updated daily track the performance of your site. Each month we evaluate the statistics of all the sites we design and host so we can compare the hit rate to other sites in your industry. This allows us to determine what techniques are most successful in bringing traffic to your site without resorting to temporary fixes or spamming techniques. We actively subscribe to many of the search engine updates and services available to us as professional web site developers so we can stay on top of the ever-changing criteria.

The basics included with every site 
Every web site includes basic elements which we offer in the design packages we propose. Web hosting, domain name registration, email POP mailboxes, forwards, and auto-responders are just a few of these features. Once we have had a chance to review your needs, we will propose which web hosting options and accessories are best for you.

Features that add life to your site
Joomla, Wordpress, Java, video clips, interactive tours, dynamic HTML, dynamic fonts, animation, Flash, guestbooks, bulletin boards, slide shows, PDF documents, multi-lingual and mirror sites, interactive reservation systems, e-commerce solutions, content management systems.