Cozumel - Freddy Contreras Scuba Instructor - Cozumel

with Freddy Contreras

Cozumel is a beautiful island. Underwater Cozumel is even better.

Private & semi-private classes only

Divers with good skills will find diving more enjoyable and present no negative impact to the complex and fragil reef.

Become more than just another diver...become a very skilled diver!!

LEARN TO SCUBA DIVEMy Family arrived to Cozumel in 1964. I grew up here in this wonderful place. I started Scuba Diving at the age of 11. Not many rules about diving those days. No minimun age.

I've been diving since and, except for the university years I spent in Mexico City, Scuba Diving and comercial diving in the oil fields of the gulf of Mexico has always been my career.

Roughly, I have accumulated about 20 thousand dives in that time. I truly feel at home underwater. And when I have the chance to take my students to what I feel my "home"; boy, I always enjoy it.

Its fun to see their eyes wide open when they realize how beautiful underwater Cozumel is. All their nervousness disappears and they refuse to go back to the surface " soon " !!!!

Yes, I'm a Scuba diving Instructor. I have been for several years and I have had hundreds of students. And they keep on coming back for more and more.... so they like it, I guess.

I'm a PADI and NAUI scuba diving instructor and a NSDS examiner instructor. I have several different specialties and I can certify you at any level from Open Water Diver to Dive Master...

But I'm anxious...I'm eager to certify YOU. So let me open the underwater "door" for you !!!

To reach Freddy Contreras visit his website.

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