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Additional Features That Add Life to Your website

QuickTime VR

Interactive movies provide a quick and easy way to show off your property from every angle. Visit our demonstration pages for more info.

Interactive Virtual Tours
Taking the interactive movie even one step further by combining photos, videos, vr movies, and diagrams with elegant navigation makes visiting your website almost like being there!

Interactive Graphics
Sometime a picture alone is not enough. We can design a logical and clean interactive graphic that will highlight the important features of your product or location, while keeping the user focused on the main point.

Image Libraries
With the increased interest in digital photography people want to show off their work in a searchable, expandable image database. We offer a variety of options to suit your needs including integration with e-commerce for instant purchase and download of images and print fulfillment.

The ultimate in multimedia effects, Flash is a technology that allows you to create sites that are impossible to do with standard HTML.

Video Clips
Under Watercolours supports streaming video and audio on our servers and we've upgraded our QuickTime capability to produce the highest quality streaming QuickTime video available. Nai'a Cruises in Fiji, Cuan Law in the BVI, Lammer Law in Galapagos and others have all found that using their existing video on their website, provides an exciting new stream of information to their potential and repeat customers. It's a great second life for that video you produced several years ago because once its in a digital format, its easy to cut out the outdated material.

Dynamic HTML, Java Scripts and Applets
Many of the special effects on websites are the result of Java scripts and applets or dynamic HTML. We use a variety of interesting effects on most of the sites we design. The possibilities here are endless but we are providing several examples to give you a taste of what can be done. We have license agreements with several companies including Open Cube for the use of navigation effects, as well as many others.

We can create custom animation for your website, however we do steer away from using the "canned" effects (like the folding envelope to indicate an email link). These may be cute the first time but very quickly goes from techy to tacky. When used conservatively, animated GIF files can add a nice touch without being too garish.

You'll see a lot of guestbooks on the sites that Under Watercolours creates because we have found that your happy customers are also your best sales people. Everyone wants to tell the whole world that they have been on vacation in some exotic place and the guestbook allows them to do this, while giving you and your staff a heartfelt review. Several sites were guestbooks have been particularly successful are:

Please note that due to the increase in guestbook abuse, many webmasters have removed them from their sites. Rather than let the spammers destroy this wonderful feature for our clients, we personally monitor all messages submitted for guestbook entry, so we can be sure that only legitimate entries are added.

Slide Shows
A picture is worth a thousands words. Especially in the travel industry! So we like to include some kind of slide show on the travel related websites we create. Out statistics show that these are very popular among the web visitors. There are many ways to set up a slide show. Click on any of the red dots on our destination page to see examples of both Flash and HTML slide shows.

Forums, Message Boards
Another feature available on all our websites, the bulletin board is a threaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board, which allows users to post new messages, follow-up to existing ones and more.

PDF Documents - A Great Way to Put Your Catalog Online!
The Adobe Acrobat PDF format allows you to print any document in an electronic format that can be put online to be downloaded and printed. The great thing about PDF is that the final printout, no matter who prints it from what computer, will look the same as the original was intended, and the end user does not need to have the software that created it. This format is great for maps, diagrams, newsletters, price lists, and even entire manuals. Download a PDF map of the Fiji Islands.

Website Pages You Can Update Yourself
Now it is possible to add a page or pages to your website that you can access and make changes to directly from your browser window. Passwords protect the page from unauthorized changes and the process is very easy. This is a great option for those who "want it now!" You can change the page every day if you like and you do not need to know HTML programming or the assistance of your webmaster.

Affiliate Programs
Let your referral earn money for you. Many websites will pay you commission for links that come from your website and result in sales for them. The affiliate program allows you to track this.

Multi-lingual Sites
When you check your website statistics you'll find that many of your visitors are coming from foreign countries. It is possible to put your entire site, or individual pages from your site online in multiple languages. We offer translations to Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Asian sites are also available.

Interactive Reservation Systems
Guests can book online through an interactive reservation system directly from your website.

E-Commerce Solutions
Buying and selling on the internet has become very well accepted and with the implementation of encryption for the transmission of sensitive data, the entire process is completely secure. We offer a number of different combinations of packages for those are interested in selling online.