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Web Site Basics

With every web site we design there are basic elements that are either necessary or highly recommended. Here is a short description of each:

Web Hosting
As part of your design package from Under Watercolours we offer a variety of web hosting plans. Our typical design package includes one year of hosting unless otherwise requested. Our prices are very competitive. Our web hosting services and reliability is unmatched in the industry.

Domain Name Registration
We will take care of the domain name registration for your web site. It is our policy to always register domain names to their rightful owners and not to us. You will be the registered owner, the Administrative Contact who has control over your domain name, whether you continue to work with us in the future or hire someone else to maintain or upgrade your web site.

Email POP or IMAP Mailboxes
Email can be retrieved from POP or IMAP mailboxes using programs like Eudora, Outlook, Internet Mail or others. You have access to one master POP account and ten (or more, depending on hosting plan) additional POP mailboxes. Your email address for these accounts can be "".

Email Forwards
When you can't be there to check your email let your email come to you. Forwards allow you to redirect any emails sent to an address at to be forwarded to any other email address.

Email Auto-responders
Whether you are responding to an inquiry or you would just like to add an automatic response to e-mails sent to a specific domain address, you can accomplish such a task using the "autoresponder". An autoresponder will send a standard response email message (based on a text file you specify) to anyone who sends an email to a specific email address (which you specify) at your domain.

Inquiry Form
A fill-in-the-blank email form that can be modified to serve as an order form, reservation form, inquiry form or whatever suits your needs. Form content is forwarded to a designated email address.

Search Engine Submissions
So that you can be easily found, we submit your website to all the major search engines and keep checking until we have successfully listed with each of them. Additional search engine submissions are available for an additional fee, as well as Yahoo & Google keyword bidding.

Statistics Logging
As part of the success plan for your web site we carefully monitor site hit rate with several popular statistics applications. These stats are also available to you online so you can review them yourself anytime you wish.