Here are just of few of the outstanding graphics you'll see in the


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The menus are intelligently designed and easy to navigate. Keystroke commands help you to move around the various parts of the presentation with ease. A convenient drop down menu provides shortcuts to all the section starting points. The tasteful combination of background mellow background music, graphics and photos will make you feel like you're there.
The presentation gives you suggestions on the best ways to get to Fiji as well as getting around the islands once you arrive.

Sunflower Airline Fiji Air Pacific Fiji

Dive Kadavu School Nai'a Dolphins

The Scuba Diving section tells you all about Fiji's underwater world. Some of the resorts have also included a list and description of the dive sites they frequent. The underwater slide show features many outstanding photos from photographers like Cat Holloway and Kevin Palmer.

This year's edition also adds a SURFING section and an ATTRACTIONS presentation. You can take a stroll through "The Garden of the Sleeping Giant" which is an orchid farm not too far from the airport. The Blue Lagoon Caves have never been so well documented. Visit the Waterfalls of Taveuni or the historic town of Levuka. Web links point you to other attractions via the internet.
Fiji Attractions Fiji Surfing
Fiji Romance Fiji Fishing 
Whether you are in the mood for a romantic getaway, a fishing trip or for some snorkeling, the Fiji Islands CD ROM will show you the best places to find just the kind of vacation you are looking for! 
In addition to the hundreds of photos of the resorts in Fiji, there are over 75 full screen, full color photos in the two slide shows alone, featuring the fabulous Fijian photography of Peter Henning of Suva. You'll want to play these shows over and over again. 
Fiji Stock PhotosThere is even a collection of six high resolution stock photos included on the CD that can be used royalty free.
Fiji Culture

You'll read about many of the tools and utensils that were used in Fiji's interesting history.

In the Fiji Culture section you'll find information about the Fiji Museum in Suva, sounds and photos of the traditional ceremonies such as Meke, Lovo, and the Lali. You'll meet the friendly people of Fiji and learn about Tapa. 

There is even a "Say it in Fijian" page that pronounces the Fijian words for you and gives their English meaning.

The heart of the presentation is in the "Accommodations" section. Twelve different resorts are featured in an abundant amount of detail.Each resort has from 10-20 full screen, full color photos.

You'll be able to get right into the bures of some of Fiji's most desireable accommodations. Many also include wine lists and menus that can be printed to any printer.

The Fiji CD gives you everything on one single source...more information than you could get from a brochures or even a web site because many of the resorts have included their videos that play right on your screen from within the presentation.

Fiji Accommodations Dive Kadavu Fiji
Matangi Island Resort FijiQamea Beach Club Fiji
Fiji Maps There is a fabulous section of Fiji Maps (7 different areas and islands) that show you where all the finest resorts are located. These maps can be printed in full color or in black and white to any printer. In the royalty free section there is a collection of the maps in EPS and PDF formats for both Mac and PC so you can use them for your own graphics, photo albums or web site!

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