One of the most famous dive sites in Palau, German Channel was built during the German administration of Palau to allow ships to pass from the southern island of Peleliu and Angaur to Koror. Today it is used by dive operators as passage through the southwestern barrier reef to many of the outside dive sites.

On the outside mouth of the channel the sandy bottom slopes off to about 75', with scattered hard coral mounds. While waiting for the possible larger life here you might watch for garden eels on the sandy bottom and possible even the unusual Crocodilefish. But this dive is most popular for the manta cleaning station, where the giant creatures occasionally circle around to be cleaned by the wrasses. You might even see reef sharks that come here to be cleaned.

This is another area that makes a great night dive as it comes alive with nudibranch, octopus, and tiny critters.

Aerial of German ChannelManta Ray at German ChannelManta Ray at German ChannelManta Ray at German Channel

text and aerial photo © Bonnie Pelnar, mantas © Kevin Davidson