Chandelier CaveOnce filled with air, Chandelier Cave is now a easily accessed, 4-chamber underwater cave underneath the island of Ngarol. Nearly swimming distance from Sam's Tours the cave entrance opens at about 15 feet below the water's surface. Its an easy dive for those who are not claustophobic, however, show never be dived without a guide.

The darkness can be overwhelming for someone who has not dived in a cave before. But as you swim toward the walls and ceiling you'll see the stunning stalactites come into focus and they pierce the still water surface, mirroring into the darkness.

Divers in Chandelier CaveAll four chambers have air pockets where divers can surface end enjoy the smooth crystaline structures. You'll be amazed at the beauty of the formations. From the last cave you can climb out of the water to journey deeper into the caves covered with red slimy mud, if the tides permit.

As you come back out of the caves the view of other divers coming in is breathtaking and is a wonderful natural light photo opportunity if you've chosen the right film.

Chandelier Cave was quite possibly formed during the Ice Age at a time when the sea level was much lower. As natural rainwater seeped through the island limestone, it carried with it the calcium carbonate that built up over the years to form the beautiful structures. The local Palauans call the cave Iiel Temekai, or "Cave of the Grouper".

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