Depending on the tides, the top shelf of this reef can skim the water's surface or sit just two feet from the surface. The wall drops straight down to over 600' and is another one of Palau's most spectacular dives.

As you drop down the wall you'll find it covered with sea fans, soft corals, green tree corals, hard corals, sponges, colorful tube corals and all the other organisms that live among them.

Don't get too focused only on what is living inside the reef and be sure to look out to the blue to see patrolling gray reef sharks, rays and large schools pyramid butterflyfish, and a multitude of tropical reef fish. Across the edge of the reef it is not uncommon to see turtles, sometimes three or four during one dive.

As you finish your dive along the shallow shelf you'll find clownfish living in their anemones, dazzling colorful tropical fish, electric blue fusiliers, Moorish odols, parrotfish, clown triggers, puffers and many angelfish.

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