QuickTime VR Help

If your movie appears sideways you are using the wrong movie player. Download QuickTime from the Apple web site and install it. This will fix the problem.

This icon indicates that you already have QuickTime installed, but you have either run out of memory or you might have some missing files that are necessary to run. Download QuickTime from the Apple web site and re-install.

Cursor Cursor description
The movie is ready. What are you waiting for? Go for it!
You've found a hot spot! Go ahead and click on it to see what happens.
The mouse is centered, its waiting for you to pan or tilt.
Pan left cursor. The movie should be spinning.
Pan right cursor.
You are panning up and to the right, but have reached the top of the movie.
You are panning down and to the left, but have reached the bottom of the movie.
Zoom in.
Zoom out.
You are holding both the zoom in and zoom out key at the same time. It doesn't know what you want.
You have zoomed in or out as far as you can.