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Women in Cozumel69 Reasons Women LOVE Cozumel


  1. Women can travel there alone and make A LOT of new friends
  2. You can write on the walls and ceilings at El Foco
  3. and at other restaurants
  4. You can scuba dive in caves
  5. The snorkeling is really great
  6. Its easy to get to from anywhere in the US (less than 2 hours from Houston)
  7. Single person accommodations in town are VERY reasonable (and its fun to stay in town)
  8. Shrimp quesadillas & cervesa at Freedom Paradise on the other side of the island
  9. Visibility is ALWAYS fantastic and the water is always warm
  10. Orange, yellow and red sponges add breathtaking color to the reefs and offer photo opportunities like nowhere else
  11. You don't have to know how to speak Spanish because there are so many other ways to communicate
  12. The best SCUBA instruction ANYWHERE!
  13. El Foco Carne Asada con Queso tacos (ask for "Bonnie's Special")
  14. Mexican divemaster sandwiches
  15. Best night dives in the world (so far, we're still looking)
  16. The fish tacos at the taco stand across from the taxi station
  17. The divemasters and instructors (and ALL the people) at Aqua Safari
  18. Some of the rooms at the Safari Inn have bathtubs big enough for you and five Mexican Divemasters
  19. You can ride horses on the beach
  20. Bananas Flambe and Crepe Suzette
  21. Taxi drivers have set rates and most of them won't try to rip you off
  22. Body shots (pictures coming soon)
  23. Anatomically correct sponges
  24. Local men have dark skin and many have light eyes - yummy!
  25. The margaritas and fajitas at Ernestos (previously downtown, now moved South)
  26. You can go to the jewelry stores and try on $70,000 rings
  27. Sunday family night at the square
  28. The caesar salad at Pepe's Grill
  29. Its safe to walk the streets at night
  30. The 30' Club
  31. It's the only place B.U.N.I. Scuba Certification is available
  32. You can get a great massage in your room, no matter what hotel you are at
  33. Splendid Toadfish
  34. Teasing Chilago, the captain of the Belinda (best fast boat in Cozumel)
  35. Breakfast at Jeannie's Waffle House (now serves lunch and dinner too)
  36. Some of the novelty stores have really cool stuff
  37. The men sing to you for a couple of pesos
  38. Night dives in front of Scuba Club Cozumel is amazing, and clothing is optional.
  39. Maiz ice cream
  40. You can run naked on the beach (and its easy to get your divemaster to come with you)
  41. Flaming Mayan Coffee
  42. Zacharia's Special at El Moro
  43. Good food and great wine at Pancho's Backyard and La Mission
  44. Diving Punta Sur with Miguel from DIMI Scuba Tours
  45. Getting a tan on the roof of the dive boat on the way to the dive sites
  46. You can buy drugs without a prescription (handy if you should get a lluvia infection)
  47. The Calling Station - a quiet, reasonably priced place to make phone calls back to your office or to your boyfriend (and your they won't even know that you're not really at work) - I don't think it's there anymore :-(
  48. The one-liners
  49. Dinner at Guido's (formerly Pizza Rolandi)
  50. Running into the people at night, that you've been diving with all day
  51. Making new friends and meeting them there next year
  52. If your date is a bore, you can rent a video for him and go out by yourself (and have more fun than if you had brought him along)
  53. Best hair toys in the world at Miro
  54. The cruise ships don't come there on Saturday and Sunday night
  55. You can walk around looking like a diver and still get whistles
  56. Even if you try, you can't bring the rental cars back in worse shape than when you got them
  57. You can buy tires at the grocery store
  58. The Mexican blankets are almost free
  59. If you miss your pet, you can find a stray to keep you company
  60. You'll have plenty to do if you like TANZANITES
  61. Tony Rome
  62. It's easy to flirt your way through customs & immigration
  63. Passion Island
  64. Carnitas tacos at El Otra Diaz (corner of 25B Ave & 15 St. - open only in the morning)
  65. Devil pipes an other interesting ceramic souvenirs
  66. The coffee at Costa Brava restaurant
  67. The foosball table at the Fiesta Americana (I'm not sure if it is still there)
  68. You can get a whole new hair-do for only $4.00
  69. There is an island-wide "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to boyfriends left at home

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