Copyright Infringements by Cyber Diver News Network, CDNN, Scuba Poll, Scuba Linx - The are all fakes

One of the worst copyright infringers is the owner of websites the operate under the name Cyber Diver News Network. He has received numerous requests to remove our images from the websites,,, and, but are either very slow in responding or do not comply at all.

Several of the Under Watercolours images that you have seen on CDNN web sites are shown below. There have been many others. All of these images were used without the authorization of Under Watercolours, Cuan Law or Lammer Law. The owners of Cuan Law and Lammer Law are NOT sponsors of any of the Cyber Diver websites and do not support his actions.

We've temporarily shut him down several times by sending cease & desist orders to their hosting company. This infringement is especially amusing since he rates Under Watercolours LOWEST on their Scuba Poll list of underwater photographers. Hey Cyber Diver...If we are so bad, then why are they stealing all our images?

He calls himself the Scuba Diving Magazine You Really Can Trust. Would you trust a thief and a liar? Who is...Dr. Alistair Billings? Freeman Washington? Stanford Suzuki? Luther Monroe? Cynthia Weatherly? All fake names to cover the identity of the real person behind CDNN...James C. Hart

Since posting this page, I have been contacted by many other individuals who have experienced the same vulgar treatment from the author of Cyber Diver News Network. If you have had the same problem with them, please contact me.